John Donoghue is a New Zealand guitarist and award-winning recording artist best known for his associations with a long list of prominent NZ Folk and Rock bands.

"Timberjack Donoghue" was the name given to early recordings of his own original material.

These releases were on the Ode Records (NZ) label and notable for containing themes that addressed social and environmental issues.

The first "Timberjack Donoghue" release, the single "Dahli Mohammed" was selected as a finalist in New Zealand's "Loxene Golden Disc Awards" (1972)

This was followed by a debut album of original folkrock songs, "Spirit of Pelorus Jack," which won "New Zealand Album of the Year Award" (1973)

In 1975 he recorded a second album of original material for Ode ("Donoghue") before retiring from his overground recording career to return to his life as a working musician.

Since 2010 he has been making single annual live concert appearances performing selections of his original material under the name "The Timberjack Donoghue Project."  These annual concerts take place on the Wakastage at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, each Waitangi Day. (Feb 6th)

This official homesite contains the Timberjack Donoghue story as told in his own words.


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